Women's Care Medical Group

Women's Care Medical Group

Women's Care Medical Group provides personalized Obstetric and Gynecologic care to women on the Peninsula and surrounding communities. Each of our Board-Certified physicians makes every effort to deliver the babies in his/her own care, rather than leaving that responsibility to a doctor on call. Therefore, when you choose your OB doctor at Women's Care, you can be sure that he/she will be personally delivering your baby almost all the time. Additionally, you will not be “shuffled” around to meet various doctors during your prenatal visits for fear that your doctor won’t be available during your labor. (Continued below)


Market Power Is Questioned (August 2010)

Insurers say Northern California hospital chain uses its market clout to raise prices

"Sutter Health, the nonprofit that owns Sutter Davis, charges 40 percent to 70 percent more than its rivals for a typical procedure, and it requires insurers to keep its rates secret..."

"Sutter charges more than many rivals for a wide range of services, from colonoscopies to births, according to prices posted on an Aetna website in May..."

See our reprint
See reprint in San Francisco Chronicle: Sutter Health Company's Prices Outstrip Others'
See original in Bloomberg Businessweek: Sutter Health's Market Power is Questioned

Our office is located next to Sequoia Hospital so that in time of emergency during labor, we are in close proximity to attend to your needs. This also reduces appointment cancellations and long waits, which are common in most obstetric practices. In today’s hectic world, we value your time and appreciate that you have better things to do than to wait around for your doctor.

Family-focused and patient-centered care is at the heart of maternity services at Sequoia. Most mothers labor, deliver and recover in the same spacious single room with a private bath. High-risk pregnancies are handled through the close collaboration with Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, which owns and operates the Level II neonatal intensive care nursery on site at Sequoia.

Our practice also offers a wide range of Gynecologic services. For more detail, please click the Gynecology tab on the left. You can also choose our physicians as your “Primary Care” doctors as we often take care of general medical concerns such as upper respiratory infection, gastro-intestinal problems, etc. When a clinical situation requires a specialist, we can assist you with a referral to our list of highly recommended doctors, e.g Orthopedic Surgeon, Dermatologist, etc.

We are pleased to offer the FDA approved sterilization procedure, ESSURE, which can be done in our office without undergoing general anesthesia in the operating room. There is no skin incision involved.

Women’s Care also offers the FDA approved procedure, NOVASURE, a highly effective treatment for heavy menses due to benign conditions. It utilizes a precisely controlled dose of energy to remove the uterine lining in as little as 90 seconds, and in most cases can be performed in the privacy of our office with only oral sedation and local anesthetic.